Request a Quote

In order to register and have your submissions considered quickly and accurately, please follow these simple steps:

1. Email your submissions directly to:

2. Include each item below in the body of your email:

  • The name of the W.E. Love underwriter you wish to receive your submission
  • The DOT number of the risk
  • The proposed effective date
  • The date by which you’ll need the quote


Sample email submission:


Subject:            Submission for ABC Trucking Effective 02/20/2012

Direct to:          Direct to Name of your WEL Underwriter

DOT:                 1234567

Needed by:      Quote needed by Feb 5th.


When we have received your complete submission, we will notify you upon setup of your file. By following these instructions, our quotation service to you will improve. So, please share these instructions with your co-workers. Thank you!