Service = Number 1

VERY GOOD…..                         and VERY FAST:

We build each tomorrow knowing our accomplishments of yesterday are worth little today. 



All submissions to WEL should be emailed to:

We set up and begin underwriting your submissions within minutes, often seconds, of receipt. You receive submission receipt confirmation from us always very, very promptly – also usually within minutes. Next, we begin the account reservation process with our various markets. This requires both a complete submission from our Retailer and expert, speedy analysis here. Upon reservation clearance we either send a notice of market clearance, specific account comments or a quotation. We often receive, reserve and quote a complete submission within an hour. WEL’s excellent workflow software allows us to track and prioritize our tasks. To stay focused, we meet daily at 0830 to manage our unfinished work.  We always welcome your calls and input whenever we do not respond fast enough. We continuously evaluate, innovate and update our workflow so that we may improve our service! The standards listed below are subject to insurer capabilities.


Within 30 minutes of receiving an order to bind coverage:

  • Policy Number delivered to Insured and Agent.
  • Claims Instructions delivered to Insured and Agent.
  • WELSafe Report delivered to Insured and Agent.
  • Confirmation of Coverage Bound and Invoice delivered to Agent.

Same Day as binding:

  • All Filing Requests are processed on binding day if received here prior to 3pm et.

Within 24 Business Hours of binding:

  • Insurance Policy delivered to Agent


All endorsement requests, filing requests and monthly reports to WEL should be emailed to:

All cancellations and reinstatement requests to WEL should be emailed to:

Endorsements are usually processed within 48 hours – almost always completed within one week of receipt by WEL. Filing, Cancellation and Reinstatement requests are processed as our highest priorities. Also, we recognize that various shippers may require special wording and coverage confirmations. We stand by to assist our Retail Agents when any item must be expedited.


It is our Number 1 responsibility to help with any problem that may arise. We will answer promptly all concerns and encourage your communication whenever you need help. Contact or when an issue is not being handled to your satisfaction.


WEL was told by a competitor: “Stop doing all that ‘stuff’ you do! You will save yourself money and time!” Maybe so, but we see ourselves as NEEDING to add value beyond the norm. In Service. In Knowledge of our field. In the perks, tools and assistance we offer. Below are some of the ways (the ‘stuff’ we do) we really work to make your decision to send us your submissions easy:

 Our unique customized presentation for each quote gives an excellent overview and detailed look at Understanding the Value of Your Quote. WELLink explains insurer and coverage information allowing prospective and renewal clients to positive insight. WELLink may be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

 Our Exclusive SMS Profile for each prospective insured is provided regularly to all WEL insureds and retail agents. WELSafe is an excellent safety, and sales tool in an easy to read format. You have insight and advantage with this great report that truckers of all types and sizes appreciate.

We provide regular updates including: Tommy’s Blog – News from Tommy Ruke – The Kingpin, Trans4Cast Weekly Transportation Market Updates, Constant Contact WELNews and of course updates via our website.

Under development, an exclusive fitness and diet app for truck drivers. WELFit is set to debut in the spring of 2017 as an free application for smartphones.

 WEL always has and will lead in providing the best educational opportunities for our Retail Agents.