Located in Burlington, North Carolina, W.E. Love and Associates, Inc. (WEL) is the oldest Certified Managing General Agency (CMGA) in the United States. Founded in 1982 by W.E. “Dub” Love, Jr., we specialize in trucking risks. Mr. Love brought to us instant credibility as a firm of high expertise and integrity. Always family-owned, we look at thousands of trucking risks annually. We are efficient, deep risk analyzers and constant innovators. We accept submissions from relatively few retail insurance agents as we try to give personal service to retail agents who we believe add synergistic expertise to the risks they graciously bring to us. Likewise, as underwriting agents for the best transportation insurance companies, we must out work, out service and out think our competition. While nothing we singularly accomplish is unique, we strive to set ourselves apart from others. It is our duty to do the best job on every risk – we talk about this goal every day. When we fall short, we examine and strive to learn from our mistakes.

For over 35 years, we’ve been keenly focused on service and technology. Our retailers get direct access to a dozen well-trained underwriters who set the standard for industry knowledge and experience. Even our receptionist is a licensed property & casualty agent. Our current system for submission analysis would not have been possible three years ago, and we are sure it will be very different three years from now. When we rest in this area – when we think we are the envy of others – is the day we will fall behind.

As much as things change, we must concentrate our best, old fashioned, personal attention on each potential insured – one risk at a time. Service, great service, however it continues to evolve, is what we want our retailers and insurers to see in us. We constantly ask our partners to grade our service and our expertise.

Today, our office never really closes. We analyze every submission through the night when it arrives and do a lot more than “set up a file” from the very first moment we receive submissions. Our underwriters “see” in their office, at home or even traveling every risk in detail at any time. We enjoy our jobs and understand the rigors of responding beyond the traditional work day. We meet every morning at 8:30 a.m. to discuss the risks and challenges of the day ahead. And our services are set up with redundancies to make sure that access and the ability to respond is assured. We take extra steps for the single purpose of ensuring that our customers take fewer. We will continue to innovate and remain true to our traditional sense of fair play and strong work ethic.