1955 Mack Thermodyne Diesel - W.E. Love, Jr. begins his insurance career.
Image courtesy of Michael Sullivan
Courtesy of W.D. Goldston, Jr. - Longtime friend and insured of W.E. Love.

Welcome to “Love”

Why WEL for Trucking Insurance? A very different experience in a crowd. “Different” defined as friendlier, faster, and more analytical than our competitors. Harder working yet really enjoying our jobs. Never closing, learning all we can about every single risk in order to succeed. This is W.E. Love & Associates. All of the firms in our space have pictures of good-looking trucks on their homepage. Behind our picture is our staff always seeking better ways to serve select retail agents and specialty insurers with how we think and act every day, with enthusiasm.

For over 30 years, we’ve maintained a team of underwriters who are well-trained to set the gold standard for handling intricacies within our specialized niche. We apply our expertise to each customer’s unique commercial trucking needs. WEL focuses on two things: transportation insurance and the success of our clients. If our firm is of interest to you and aligns with your vision, we should speak today!